Love life through fitness, fun, and laughter.

Whether it’s staying fit, eating healthy, getting energized, always do what’s right and kind for your mind, body, and soul.

I love fitness.  I also love the idea of inspiring and motivating a class full of people.  I want to help people change their lives and fall in love with fitness.  And this is why I’ve chosen my life’s path to be dedicated to the fitness world.




Fitness Philosophy

Everyone should have a life philosophy or mantra. It’s your own personal thoughts, developed from knowledge and experience. It’s your belief in this philosophy that keeps you motivated and inspired. It’s made you who you are.

In the world of health and fitness, I think having a philosophy is crucial. It’s that thought that you want to share with the world if you had the chance!

Living “healthy” looks a little bit different for each of us. And I think that’s pretty awesome!  Here’s my own fit life philosophy.



Nothing else affects all areas of life so dramatically like your health.  You can lose all of your money and recover, but it only takes one heart attack to end it all.  Your family, your ability to provide for your family, and your overall quality of life depend on you prioritizing health first.

The truth is, either you choose to make your health your #1 priority or life will force you to — and by that time it will be much more difficult to take back control.

By prioritizing your health, you become a better friend, partner, parent, co-worker, leader, and overall better person. Why? Because improving your physical health also improves your mental health.  Your mental state is the product of chemical reactions in your brain – many of which are directly tied to your physical activity and the things you consume.

Good health leads to happiness, and happiness leads to good health.  They go hand-in-hand.  Scientific studies show that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer.  This means more time spent on the things that are most important to us.

To put health first we have to do a few things:

  1. We have to believe that health should be a priority – above all other consideration like family, money, leisure, etc.
  2. We have to believe that we have the power to be healthy.  This is not “luck” or “genes” it’s about the daily actions we take.
  3. We have to make health a priority most of the time. It doesn’t need to be 100% of the time.  But you have to find that place where the occasional indulgence is truly occasional and you’re getting the results you want at the same time.

The secret to making your health a priority is no secret at all… Make it a priority!


My Favourite Classes


Gloves on!  Kickboxing is one of my favourite classes I’ve ever taught.

Intense and challenging, I teach no ordinary kickboxing class. This is a one-of-a-kind group fitness class designed to be unique and deliver results.  Guerilla Kickboxing is a kick-ass workout introducing high-energy kickboxing techniques and primal bodyweight movements that make each session more exciting than the last.

Every class is a full body fast moving, dynamic workout, targeting both cardio and muscle building.


STRONG by Zumba

STRONG by Zumba is a revolutionary high-intensity workout combining body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training.

In this class, you will burn calories while toning arms, legs, abs, and glutes.  Plyometric or explosive moves like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks are interchanged with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing.  We change up the moves frequently to make sure you’re always challenged to the max.


Contact Me


If you have any questions, comments or just want to chat about anything health or fitness related let me know!

Cell: 905-999-8221