Friends Make the Best…Workout Buddies

Did you know that more than 40% of people drop a fitness program shortly after it begins if they attend on their own? But if they work out with a friend, the dropout rate decreases to 6%.  Grab a friend and get fit!

Exercise partners provide a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation and, in some cases, healthy competition. “They can play the role of teammate, co-coach and cheerleader — all while working out,” says Michelle P. Maidenberg, PhD, MPH, President of Westchester Group Works.

Here’s why hitting the gym with a workout buddy is a good idea:

You’ll be more motivated and accountable:

Many of us struggle to motivate ourselves to get off the couch and trek to the gym, and yet we always seem to make it to a class when we’re going with a friend. A new study revealed that, unsurprisingly, having an exercise buddy may just be the key to getting off the couch — and pushing ourselves harder during our workouts.

It’s one thing to cancel plans with yourself – it’s another to cancel on a friend who’s counting on you. If you know that your bestie is waiting for you at Zumba class or won’t go without you, it’s tough to bail.

Fitness brings people together:

When you accomplish something on your own, of course, it’s amazing. Sharing your successes with your friends who know how hard you’ve worked to conquer your inner couch potato feels even better. And if things don’t go as planned? Who cares? A pat on the back from a friend can make things seem half as bad. These simple acts create a kind of connection between people.  The need for interpersonal support is primal, says Maidenberg. “We are social animals. We seek the company and positive reinforcement of others, especially when we are working out.”

You and your friends will be thinner:

Wait, wait, wait…don’t judge us, we’re not being shallow here.  Researchers at Harvard University found that overweight people tend to lose more weight if they spend time with their fit friends—and the more time they spend together, the more weight they lose, according to a 2016 study published in the journal Obesity. If you’re surrounded by people who are active and eat well, there’s a good chance you’re going to do the same.

Ready to partner up? Great! After three or four weeks, once you’re in the habit, you and your workout buddy will be getting fit and won’t even considering cancelling on each other. But before you recruit the first warm body you see, keep in mind that not all workout buddies are created equal.  If you choose someone who doesn’t share a similar commitment to fitness it can be a distraction or even a deterrent. If they are bailing on you, then you might be better off picking a new partner!

The best part of this is if you bring a friend with you to Lexercise we’ll reward you, and them, for making a great decision to get fit together.  If you refer a friend and they purchase a package you receive 1 month free and your workout buddy receives 1 week free.*  Psst…if you refer 12 friends you get 1 year free!

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