Get in shape with a friendly competition and a chance to win $400+ in prizes!

Change your body in 6 weeks! Just in time for all those holiday parties.

Our Transformation Challenge combines an expert-designed exercise plan, healthy eating ideas, peer support and the chance to win amazing prizes.


$400+ worth of Lexercise fitness classes
$100 Gift Card to Lululemon
$50 Gift Card to HealthyPlanet

…and of course, everyone gets a stronger hotter bod in time for the holidays!

How does The Transformation Challenge work?

When: This fall’s challenge runs from November 5th, 2017 to December 17th, 2017. All challengers are competing for the best transformation, fantastic prizes, and of course a fit, strong body!

How: Challengers take a short fitness assessment and have their measurements and photos taken at the beginning and the end of the challenge.

Judging: The score will be based on a percentage change of your body composition, fitness level and commitment to yourself.   We’re keeping it fair so everyone has a chance to win!

  • Body Composition: % change in your own starting and finishing body fat percentage
  • Fitness:  change in your own starting and finishing fitness level 
  • Commitment: simply the number of  classes you attend during the challenge

Registration: Registration fees for non-members is $89+HST and $49+HST for existing members.  Registration cut-off date is November 1st.

What’s included in The Transformation Challenge program?


All Challengers are invited to The Transformation kick-off session. Here, we will fully review The Transformation Challenge, take starting body measurements, fitness levels, and photos.


You get access to 10 Lexercise classes during this Challenge.  You are free to attend any class any day of the week.  For more info on our two classes go here STRONG and Guerilla Kickboxing.


You’ll get a suggested nutrition plan that is yummy, yet extremely effective. Plus we’ll share recipes and grocery lists to help keep things simple.  Remember: healthy eating is not about strict dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and stabilizing your mood.


This private group is where all participants can share their challenge success tips, recipes and support each other on their journey.  You’ll also get access to your Transformation Coach who’s caring approach provides you the support and motivation you need so your chances of quitting and giving up are next to zero.


All Challengers are invited to The Transformation wrap-up day. Here, we will take final body measurements, assess fitness levels, and take professional photos (so you have a memento for all the awesome work you put in!).

Our Challenge winner will receive a 3-month membership to Lexercise (value of $430)

Our 1st runner-up will receive a $100 Gift Card to Lululemon

Our 2nd runner-up will receive a $50 Gift Card to HealthyPlanet


 Frequently Asked Questions

This looks amazing but I’m nervous to start exercising again. What should I do to get ready for this challenge?

This challenge is hard work, but it will be the best kickstart that you can get. If you are coming back from an injury or have no experience with exercise, you might want to check with your doctor to ensure now is the right time for you to start.

After I sign up, what do I need to do?

We’ll send you an email confirmation with the next steps. The measurements and group assessments will take place on the INSERT DATE, so make sure you are available then.

How much is the challenge?

  • $89+HST for non- members, or those who don’t have an active membership currently
  • $49+HST for existing members

I can’t wait to start trying out your classes. How can I try you out sooner?

You can hop in on our New Member Special for $35 and then upgrade to the challenge.  If you don’t use all your New Member Special classes we’ll add them to your membership at the end of the challenge.

Can I do both classes, STRONG and Kickboxing?

Yes, you can

Does joining this challenge lock me into anything long-term?

Nope, this is your foot in the door, there’s no obligation to continue. But this is something we do really, really well and we think you’ll enjoy the experience.