Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Okay, folks summer is only a couple of months away making this the perfect time to cement that exercise routine you can maintain for life.  Okay, I know what you’re saying, my life is just too busy to fit one more thing into my already insane schedule. I get it, real life often intrudes on [...]

Take your workout outside!

There is overwhelming evidence that exercising outdoors, otherwise referred to as green exercise, is better for you - both physically and mentally. This idea isn't new, in fact, the healing power of nature, from the Latin: vis medicatrix naturae is one of the guiding principles of Hippocratic medicine and evolutionary biology and viewed as an [...]

Surviving the Holidays

You have the power to stay healthy and fit during the holidays. Even for those who are health and fitness-conscious, staying in shape can be especially difficult during this time of year.  The cold weather can easily discourage us from leaving our cozy house, while the taste of chilled eggnog and the smell of freshly [...]

Beat the Heat

How to stay cool during hot summer workouts Working out in the summer can be a miserable, sweat-soaked endeavor.  When it's a bazillion degrees outside with 500% humidity, sometimes all you can think about is just lying on your couch in your air-conditioned living room, never mind trying to exercise!  But don't let this intense [...]


I'd like to introduce you to your new favourite fitness program...STRONG.  STRONG is a high-intensity workout led by music that works every muscle.  You'll be doing squats, burpees and core-cinching moves that will certainly leave you feeling strong (and sore!). Perfect For Fitness enthusiasts looking for a more challenging, high-intensity interval training workout. How It [...]


Spring is in the air and I’m loving it. I’m ready to shed these extra winter pounds I gained and kick-start my spring fitness goals. With summer just around the corner and the two 5k races I’ve committed to I want to be the strongest I can be. Not to mention we’re hosting our first [...]