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Alexa knew early on that her future would involve fitness. Her enthusiasm for exercise began as a child horseback riding, running and playing soccer.  She began her career in health and wellness as a group fitness instructor in 2013.   Alexa has been sharing her passion for fitness and empowering her clients to discover their inner strength ever since.  Her mission is to instil positivity, promote an active lifestyle and build strength one intense class at a time.

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When Alexa is in front of her fitness class she changes lives.  All her passion, skill and professional training go into inspiring and motivating the people in front of her.  She not only motivates she educates as well.  Alexa is committed to fuelling the enthusiasm, passion and drive for fitness.


Why do I do this?

It’s simple: I am on a mission to help people fall in love with fitness so they make health their number one priority.

There is more need than ever to help people live healthy lives. Through fitness, education and nutrition, I believe this is possible. 

My goal is to inspire and motivate people to change their lives through fitness and wellness education.

I say to my client’s, “Do you believe you can become the best version of you? Because I do.”  I want to help them find their greatness and discover their full potential.  Through my classes and training, they’ll see there are no limits to their greatness. \

I want my clients to know they’re getting the best.  As trends, techniques and advances in fitness evolve, so do I.